IOS Emulator

IOS Emulator

Finally, IOS Emulator is here. 

Fancy playing IOS games and productivity apps on your PC or Windows? The emulator market is getting wider and wider. We looked past on the PlayStation or Xbox emulator market and the progress it’s at today. IOS Emulator has been something we ought to be merry, considering time spent weaving and swiping our little shiny iPhone.

We understand the need to have a mobile emulator on our PC. This is especially needed for those that hogs the desk all day. I would personally want to share some of this software that I used on daily basis for all my APPLE need. Hope you can take a look at the IOS Emulator below and apply to your daily usage.

ios emulator

First IOS Emulator worth mentioning is the It’s simply amazing to be able to run IOS or apple application right on your internet browser. What you need is just a PC and a browser (recommended Chrome latest ver.)

Key features:

  • Quick to use.
  • Setting up is ablaze
  • Configuration rooting or troubleshooting the IOS Emulator is at a bare minimum.
  • PC specification required is at basic.

Your second bet to use your favourite IOS application would be iPadian Ipad IOS Emulator. This particular software lets you get the feel of running IPAD on your big screen computer.

Thinking of getting Apple TV? Why not consider getting this installed on your small compact PC instead and plug it into your pc.

IOS Emulator

Key features:

  • Ipad feel
  • Widescreen adaptation
  • Runs locally on your system
  • Best suits to test apps, a great tool for apps developer.

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IOS Emulator

Hidden research papers revealed. Whites are dumb!

whites are dumb

Whites are dumb. Research papers revealed. Read with an open mind.


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HDB ! Singapore housing tricks discussed!


Singapore HDB : Don’t let the government make money selling house bricks to you!

Renting, rather than owning, is becoming increasingly popular in one of the world’s most expensive property markets, including HDB. But is it the best option for you? In order to answer this question, you should compare the pros and cons of owning versus renting based on your needs and circumstances.
To help you sort through this process, below we discuss the benefits and costs of each option and some advice for prospective property buyers.

Pro Con
Owning -Entitled to resale profit

-Peace of mind that comes with stable residency

-Greater risk and volatility, especially when property prices are declining

-You own most properties for only 99 years

-Higher maintenance charges

Renting -Flexibility to find the best price for your budget

-Less responsibility (lower insurance cost, conservancy charges, etc.)

-No ownership at the end

-Higher monthly payment for most cases

-Unstable residency

Owning HDB is cheaper in most cases, with some caveat

Contrary to the increasingly popular belief that renting is better, owning still represents a more economic choice for most Singaporean properties. According to our analysis of HDB’s 2013-2017 data on median rent and resale prices, the monthly cost of owning can be 15-50% cheaper than the rent for a comparable property. This is assuming that each month, you are paying back your 30-year home loan that requires 20% down payment and charges 2% interest rate. In addition to HDB flats, private properties showed similar results: you pay less on a home mortgage every month than you would for rent.

Not only is owning cheaper, it also entitles you to many other benefits such as the potential profit of reselling if you decide to do so. As you pay off your loan, your equity in the property gradually increases until you command full ownership of your home. In contrast, if you rent a property, the monthly rent you pay represents an expenditure, meaning it’s just spent rather than being used to build an asset that belongs to you and can appreciate in value.


Although investing rather than spending sounds like a savvy thing to do, you should be aware of the potential risk of borrowing money to buy an asset. Buying a property requires a down payment, which represents an upfront cost.


Typically, a Singaporean mortgage loan requires 20% of down payment, which means you need to submit at least S$100,000 if you are to finance the purchase of a S$500,000 property. Depending on your financial situation, surrendering this amount of money can simply be impossible.

Not only that, it will reduce your spending capability, which represents an opportunity cost if you have limited savings.

Last but not least, if your property price goes down, your home might lose value and you might suffer a significant financial loss.<

It should be noted that there are many forms of financial assistance to help you reduce the cash component of your down payment. This means that even if your 20% mortgage loan requires you to put together S$100,000, you can use non-cash sources to subsidise this payment. These include government grants, as well as the money in your CPF Ordinary Account. Such financial assistance programs are typically available for HDB properties and private executive condominiums.

Owning HDB comes with other hidden costs

Besides the large down payment, owning a home also comes with many hidden costs. For example, most Singaporean properties have 99-year leaseholds, which means you do not actually own the property forever, even if you pay down all of your mortgages.

If you intend to pass your property down multiple generations, therefore, HDB flats are not a suitable investment because when the leases run out, flats will be returned to HDB, who will, in turn, have to surrender the land to the government. Your better bet is private properties with 999-year leasehold or permanent ownership, but these are harder to find and more expensive.

Finally, reselling your property for profit comes with some barriers. These include transaction costs that you need to pay to your broker and the bank, potential damages to the property during one’s residence and the penalties for breaking up the loan. For example, if you resell your property before fully paying down the loan, you have to spit out the government grant that subsidised your purchase, plus interest. Not only that, if you also used your CPF account to finance your purchase, there are interest incomes you could’ve earned on that CPF money which represents an opportunity cost.

Renting HDB or property is better for short-term tenants, especially in high-end properties

You should consider renting if you intend to be a short-term resident in high-end properties like private condos or executive flats. While this may not always be cheaper on a monthly basis, you can save a lot on down payment which is a big upfront cost as discussed above. Not only that, the difference between the monthly mortgage payment and monthly rent narrows for higher-end properties, so the extra cost you have to pay might be worth it if you don’t intend to eventually own the property.

For instance, you can rent a private condo on Boon Lay Way in Jurong West for about S$4,000 per month, which costs only 10-20% more than the monthly mortgage for this S$1,000,000-property. In a more extreme example, buying a property in Cityscape at Farrer Park, a high-rise located near the city centre, can result in a higher monthly expenditure than just renting. Our analysis shows that renting this property can be cheaper by about 15% than repaying a mortgage based on your monthly payment.

Other considerations for property investors

Although we used monthly payment above as a way to compare the cost of renting and owning, there are many other factors that can potentially influence an investor’s decision to buy a property. From the market’s perspective, this includes all of the strategic considerations: the property’s location, brand name, as well as regulation on the real estate market. These represent external factors that are important determinants of your property’s market value at resale.

Interest rate movement is also a major consideration whose importance cannot be exaggerated. In a rising interest rate environment, property prices tend to peak out and start declining. This indicates a favourable condition for renting because your rent will adjust more favourably than your mortgage: rent declines with lower property prices, while mortgage payment increases with higher rates.

Not only that, owning a property during a market downturn can result in significant financial losses. Conversely, in a declining interest rate environment, the opposite is true: property prices are likely to be at a low point, and you might be able to find good investments that are undervalued. In contrast, your rent can rise along with the rising property market.

HDB : Invest or go

Your decision to invest in the property market, in all cases, should be based on your beliefs about where the market interest rates and the property market is headed.

Aside from these market considerations, you should also optimise the leverage you use. Because leverage gives you greater exposure to volatility in the roller coaster-like property market, you should be careful of its mixed blessings. Let’s take a look at an example of how this works. For a S$500,000 property, you can take out a home loan with down payments of 25% or 10% (leverage of 75% or 90%, respectively) hoping to make a profit by turning the property around. In three years, if your property price declines by 10%, your loss over the three-year period is 17.4% if you started with a 75% leverage. However, this loss can increase significantly to 32.3% if you had started with a higher leverage of 90%.

75% Leverage 90% Leverage
Initial Price S$500,000 S$500,000
Less: Initial Loan S$375,000 S$450,000
Initial Equity S$125,000 S$50,000
In three years, your property’s market value goes down by 10%
Property Value S$450,000 S$450,000
Less: Remaining Debt S$346,787 S$416,144
Remaining Equity S$103,213 S$33,856
Loss 17.4% 32.3%

As you can see from this example, you are exposed to greater downside risk if your leverage increases. Therefore, we advise our readers to arrange their investment structure and use leverage carefully, in a way that is suitable for their risk tolerance.

Parting Thoughts

Owning a home can help you invest in an asset that you own while keeping monthly payments low. In contrast, renting is an expense, not an investment, but requires less commitment and responsibility attached to home ownership. Although some macroeconomic factors indicate favourable conditions for renting, we still think you should evaluate all of the pros and cons in order to make the most informed decision.

Finally, bear also in mind that your investment return in the property market will depend on where you think the market is going, and how you finance your investment.

Japan WIFI hack!

japan wifi hack

Get Unlimited WIFI with this little dirty Japan WIFI hack trick.

So you know about the convenience store in Japan is really convenience. From shipping to bill payments to ATM’s and toilets and more. What is a convenience store without a WIFI? I’m going to show this Japan WIFI hack, learn it before you fly here.

This trick may only be applicable to Famima(Family mart) a giant convenience store you can find every 300 meters you walk down the street.

japan wifi hack

See that Youtube banner. That’s the trick. But before that, you need to connect to the network.

Here is a little background information. The store advertises Free WiFi to drive traffic. But we all know nothing is free without a catch.



Translation: If you have gotten login in the browser, a maximum per day “20 minutes × 3 times” available. ※ maintenance time (every Monday 1:00 to 5:00) might be not available.

20 mins per login and 3 times only?

So what now? After that I’m dead? Here I am going to show you the trick to break that counter.


japan wifi hack

You switch on your WIFI and select “Famima Wi-Fi”. Once you are in the network you will be brought over to Famima home page. Then you will see that Youtube banner you will have to press.

japan wifi hack

You will then be shown one of their videos. It’s an advertisement. Really, you don’t have to watch but I leave that up to you. Close when you are done.

That’s it. You have unlimited wifi. That’s your simple Japan wifi hack.

Oh, it is so simple but then why? Well, I think most of the tourist or native would not know of this trick. Once they are done with the 20mins limit, they walk off. If only they knew.

Please share this with your friends before they fly to Japan. Its kind of hard sometimes when you need to be connected to post that selfie of yours around.


Oreo and Human have the same DNA


DNA TEST: Identical between human and Oreo

Hi there..Do you know that Oreo is just best example of Human..Do you know why Oreo is Black in Colour and the cream is white?? Until recently they create a new flavour?? (Please check yourself)


Oreo Flavour

Let’s take an example of the Original flavour..The cookies its self taste good by eating it alone but if eating it with cream will make it even taste better..By dunk it with milk will be more awesome.

Am i right to said. So what’s got to be related with human..The answer is as we grow older we intended to be RACIST..Be it in Colour, Race, Language and Religion..

Try to ask yourself this question am i racist in front of the mirror and if u said ‘NO’ Please go and FU*K the spider.

Look around you and see the kids at the playground. They were happily playing together..In their mind all look the same because as long we are kids we should be happy together be it different in Colour, Race, language and Religion.


As we grow up when our corrupted mind being input by Media we learn to be hatred. So cut it short if the adults teach the children to be hatred you will get a New Generation bunch of Hatred adults.

So before you teach your kids to be hatred..PLEASE THINK OF OREO..I’m writing this while SHITTING

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 | THE QUEEN’S JUSTICE

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 | THE QUEEN’S JUSTICE

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 | THE QUEEN’S JUSTICE

-664Days -3Hours -14Minutes -18Seconds

Watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3. The Queens’s Justice.
Download episode now!


This Kid think that All Human should die!

Are you worth being alive? Maybe death suits you.

There are an endless amount of deaths happening every day. You could be taking your dog out for a walk, and someone else is already being shot with a black gun with a silver bullet on the other side of the world. Although it is known that most humans do fear death.

2 obvious reasons why you should die now!

Here are the main 2 reasons why some people’s lifespan should be shorter. Some people do believe the end of the world. And it is predicted that the world would come to an end. Most people imagine this as a sort of terrifying phenomena to happen.

The thought alone sends shudders down their spine. If your lifespan is shorter, you wouldn’t live to see the end of the world, which is a terrible nightmare and death for you. People would be more aware of their life choices and surroundings.

Today’s society depends on social media for entertainment and is spending most half of their lifespan on it. But, if people’s lifespans are shorter, they would rather barbeque some hot dogs than to die on the internet unless they are dumb.

This would also make people view their consequences and their sins and make them figure a way to apologise and regret their terrible faults. Though some people might not agree with the reasons, it is something that should be considered. Although we could not control our lifespan.

There are always tears to shed if you commit suicide.

You never know how short or how long you have. So maybe you should get off your phone/laptop and go and do something productive.


The author’s comment: Hi. My name is Sabrina and I am 11 years old. Please share and like this article for me. If you can’t even do this for me than death be on your way…



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3 reasons school is bad for you

school is bad

School is bad for you

The 17-year-old junior at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California, saw students depressed in class after getting low test scores, she says, while others have gone without sleep a few nights in a row to keep up with homework. The school is bad when you think about it, from a student point of view that is. Not actually true.

The school is bad in a way at making you strived for something you don’t actually care about. How about getting an A’s for your history while all you care about is to be an engineer in Aerospace and technologies.

School is bad for you 1: Understand

Understand. The school is bad at this. They say they do their best for the utmost care and interest of the students but clearly, they failed. Talk about chugging down that  Euler’s Identity when all you care about is portrait drawings. How about going to a medical school because the system promotes it so well that if you become a doctor, you will have a better future.

School is bad for you 2: The discipline

school is bad

Oh my god those shadings… I spent more than hours a day during the exam seasons trying to shade the ‘RIGHT’ answers… the OMR paper.

Fine yes I know discipline is important and values and such. But hey, I paid 10 grand a semester just to be discipline by you? Certainly not what I paid that much for.

Not the kind of discipline you are thinking of like yellow socks are not allowed or black dress banned. The discipline here is the format. You are hereby locked down to the school format. That means to say the grounds for creativity is bounded by the format demanded by the school.

A good example would be technical analysis, reports or projects. Schools are very likely to give their students an example based on alumni submissions and oppressed the rest to follow the standards set by history. Einstien thought that school was far too formal, setting no room for questioning or thought, instead focusing on strict memorization and format.

School is bad for you 3: The business

Ever heard they say education is good money. Selling education product is multi-million dollar business.

school is bad

The cost to be a doctor: a median debt of between $170,000 and $200,000 for 84% of 2014’s graduating class, such a big money going on here.

The biggest secret of any school or institution:

  • passing index: % students pass the exams.
  • Laid a job, commercial demands: % of students getting jobs after graduation.
  • The marketing strategies: the setting of course price based on demands.
  • Advertising to foreign investors: 10,000 graduates a year in engineering fields get your business setup here.

To make it simple, school is just selling you products. They pretty much don’t care about the rest. You need a degree, we get you the paper qualification and we guarantee you it is what the commercials demand. Not to forget we are in affiliation to one of the best universities in the world.

Bonus: Application of skills obtained
Students signed up for a course in tertiary level, let’s say Diploma in I.T. Student gets in class, lecturer starts talking about philosophies about computer and technologies. Seriously, you just wasted 1 hour talking about YOUR philosophies.

Most students that graduated from their particular field barely knows practical skills to face the demands of today’s industries. What was supposed to be thought in school we realised did not apply to our daily work chores.

Let me add, if you need your educations free, take a look here.


Swimsuit Crime Arrestable

swimsuit crime

Swimsuit Crime! Don’t get arrested amidst your swimming leisure

So what is the swimsuit crime here?

swimsuit crime

When Annette Kellerman stepped out onto Revere Beach in 1907 wearing a one-piece swimsuit that ended in shorts above her knees, her legs caused a scandal. Police were called, and she was arrested for indecency. Source:

So if swimsuit crime is popular during the 1900s, what did they put on? This video below shows the 1950s swimwear trend. It appears the particular year happens to change the trend. Less cloth more skin.

Stripping down for the beach still meant donning long skirts, stockings, and shoes until the 1920s, when fashion designer Coco Chanel’s Cote d’Azure escapades convinced fashionable women to stop shunning the sun. Source: CNN

Apparently, our fore-mothers generations say that revealing the skins too much is a crime and can be arrested for public indecency.

That looks more like a trip to the park or a walk in the street kind of dress. Care to share how it feels like to swim with that?

Another amazing batch photo of swimsuit that practice “modesty”. I personally feel like this would be a proper beach dressing to avoid being charged under swimsuit crime.

Oh my, that is one hell of a pair of goggles, I bet she could see the moon and stars with that.

So now are we going to swim with that “Glorified Underwear” called Bikini?

All that piece of history aside, we should all be glad that we are entitled to the freedom of expression and choice to pick our favourite pairs of swimsuits. Let us hope that it will not be abused, we don’t want to see moon google girls with dinner dress in the pool this summer, do we?